“Taller del temps” was born in Menorca in 2009. This is an island where time follows its own course, foreign to big cities’ traffic-jams, subways and rushes.
Everything is quiet here, where you look towards the horizon and it seems that time stopped years ago. Depending on the sight, it could be either the talayotic era, or any later domination, since Menorca has been a much disputed island from the beginning of times, due to its strategic location.
Thus, one can still breathe the British winds in some watches left forgotten in the island, apart from them, little watchmaking tradition remains, but that doesn’t really matter to Bartomeu Gomila, whose important thing is the watchmaking spirit he has been pervaded by in the different places where he has served his apprenticeship.
Nowadays, far ahead the old war disputes, Menorca has become a wonderful touristic destination that gives you something more than the typical “sun and sand”. It offers culture, calm, great landscapes... in short, the chance to go for a walk without the pressures of city life. For all that, and of course, for being his native land, Bartomeu Gomila decided to settle down here, where he has the necessary distance to carry out his job but where he is also at an hour or less by plane from the most important Spanish cities... definitely the most appropriate setting to realize an ancient job at his own rhythm.